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Celebrate Independence Day in Style with Our Fourth of July Collection!

Get ready for a star-spangled summer with our exclusive Fourth of July Collection, featuring the most comfortable and eco-friendly bamboo kids pajamas.

Join the celebration and make this Fourth of July unforgettable with our stylish and sustainable bamboo kids pajamas. Whether you're watching fireworks, having a backyard BBQ, or just relaxing at home, our collection will keep your kids cozy and festive.

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Alexander Layne!!

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Welcome to Alexander Layne, a heartfelt venture founded and nurtured by a mother and daughter duo. Inspired by the pure joy and comfort experienced by our two beloved sons/grandsons, we embarked on a mission to create the coziest and most sustainable sleepwear for families.

Every pair of kids bamboo pajamas we offer is thoughtfully designed with love, taking into account the unique needs of children and their desire for freedom of movement during bedtime adventures. Our designs seamlessly blend functionality with adorable prints, ensuring that your kids look as adorable as they feel snug.

As a family-oriented business, we understand the importance of quality and safety and our passion for sustainability led us to embrace bamboo as our primary material, renowned for its gentle touch, breathability, and minimal environmental impact. By using bamboo, we ensure that your little ones experience the utmost comfort while caring for our planet.